Six of Crows (by Leigh Bardugo) (B2)

Six of Crows is the story of Kaz Brekker and his crew, attempting to pull off an impossible heist. There is Kaz, known as ‘Dirtyhands’ in the Barrel (the slums of Ketterdam), who is part of The Dregs. The Dregs is a gang, and as the name suggests consists of everyone scraped from the floor of the Barrel. Then there is Inej, the wraith, whose ability to move soundlessly makes her unique. Jesper, a sharpshooter with a serious gambling problem and Wylan, the insurance. Finally Nina, a grisha heartrender and Matthias, the outsider with insider knowledge. Together, they are going on a suicide mission, and together they are dangerous enough to have a chance.


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